Youtube Started Game Tests in Turkey: Here are the Details!

Turkey has started to host a new move by YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing platform. The platform is on the agenda with a new feature it offers to its users. This innovation means that the testing processes of the games on the platform are opened to users in Turkey.

Gaming Experience from Youtube: A New Step for Türkiye

Youtube gave detailed information to its users about this innovation. Users will be able to access these games by scrolling down the home screen or by clicking the ‘Ready Games’ link in the ‘Explore’ menu. The fact that YouTube states that only Premium users can see this game option for now shows the importance the platform attaches to special content.

As of November 18, six different simple games were offered to users by YouTube. The variety and number of these games are expected to increase over time. This development stands out as an innovation that excites YouTube users in Turkey.

This move by YouTube can be considered as a new breath in the world of technology and entertainment. The platform aims to enrich the user experience, not just sharing videos. For YouTube users in Turkey, this offers both the opportunity to discover new games and a different entertainment experience.

Exclusive for Youtube Premium Users: Six Games in the First Step

Another striking point about this new feature is that the games are only available to Youtube Premium users. This increases the value of Premium subscriptions and may direct other users to this subscription. Although six different games are currently offered, this number is planned to be increased. It is expected that there will be options that appeal to different genres and tastes among these games.

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