YouTube Increases Artificial Intelligence Controls: New Rules for Content Creators Are Coming!

YouTube‘Fame artificial intelligence based content auditing has recently reached an important milestone. The platform introduces new rules for more transparent marking of content created using artificial intelligence tools. This policy specifically covers videos that realistically depict unreal events or show people doing something they are not actually doing.

Purpose and Scope of the Policy

This step by YouTube aims to increase the accuracy and reliability of the content. This update aims to clarify to viewers whether the videos are manipulated with artificial intelligence tools. This is especially important on sensitive issues such as elections, ongoing conflicts and public health crises.

New Obligations for Content Creators

YouTube expects content creators to adapt to these new rules. Content created with artificial intelligence or digitally manipulated must be clearly marked with the label determined by the platform. Otherwise, the content may be removed or the content producer will be prevented from generating advertising revenue.

YouTube will show more prominent labels on the video player for certain types of content. This will help viewers better understand the nature of the content. However, it remains unclear how effectively the platform can detect content produced by artificial intelligence.

Precautions Are Coming Against Deepfake Content!

YouTube also deepfake It takes precautions against content that imitates people’s faces or voices. Viewers will be able to apply to the platform to remove such content. However, these requests will be evaluated depending on factors such as whether the content is parody or satire.

Status of Business Partners and Relations with the Music Industry

Another aspect of YouTube’s artificial intelligence policy is towards its business partners. In particular, content that produces music content and imitates the voices of artists using artificial intelligence may be removed from the platform. This also affects YouTube’s relationships with the music industry.

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