What is it?

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gamingis a video game broadcasting service developed for online live game broadcasters. YouTube‘s special application for broadcasters who want to broadcast by playing live video games.

Video game broadcasts were developed with the aim of bringing viewers together and providing easy access to broadcasts focused only on their interests. Youtube Gaming, popular live broadcast platforms Twitch, mixer And Facebook GamingIt has been developed and put into use as an alternative to .

YouTube Gaming, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows And macOS It was developed for use in operating systems.

Youtube Gaming history

The video hosting platform was developed by Youtube as a live video broadcasting and video sharing platform that became popular on the web. It started broadcasting in August 2015.

Shutting down Youtube Gaming

Incorporating YouTube Google Youtube Gaming, developed by Youtube Gaming, ended its service as of 2019.

Google aims to improve user experience by creating a dynamic category structure such as games, music and sports on YouTube. It gathers its additional services in one place to create a single comprehensive platform instead of different applications or services in each area. With the closure of Youtube Gaming, Google collected all video sharing and live broadcasts on the main Youtube platform.

With the closure of Youtube Gaming, “gamers” and “Youtubers” broadcasting on the platform can continue their broadcasts through the relevant categories of Youtube.

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