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Yaani Mail

Yaani Mail

Yaani Mailcompletely national e-mail platform. Search engine developed by Turkish software engineers YaaniIt is the e-mail service of .

Yaani Mail is owned by Google GmailMicrosoft’s Outlook and Yandex Yandex Mail It was developed as a 100% national alternative to services. Service, Turkcell It is made available completely free of charge.

Local e-mail service chrome, Safari And Mozilla Firefox It can be used in browsers via the address “yaanimail.com”. There is also a YaaniMail application developed for mobile devices.

YaaniMail app Android With 5.0 and above iOS It can be used on mobile operating systems 13 and above. YaaniMail mobile application Google PlayStore, Huawei AppGallery And AppStore It can be downloaded for free from app stores. The beta version of Yaani Mail also includes a desktop application that runs on MacOS and Windows operating systems.

Yaani Mail history

Yaani Mail was put into service in 2019. Turkcell has developed its domestic e-mail service against international technology and software company services hosting user data abroad. All data in the e-mail service is hosted in Turkcell data centers and kept domestically.

Yaani Mail features

Yaani Mail, where a completely free account can be created, also has English language support in addition to Turkish. With every new free account opened at YaaniMail, users are provided with 2 GB of email storage space.

Yaani Mailde has a limit of sending e-mail to 100 users per hour and 1000 per day. Each e-mail size is also limited to 50 MB.

Except for Turkcell subscribers Turkish telecom And vodafone It can also be used free of charge by other GSM operator subscribers. There is a limit of opening 10 Yaani Mail accounts for each GSM number.

Yaani corporate

Yaani Mail corporateis a professional e-mail service offered for institutions and companies. It was developed to meet the internal and external e-mail needs of companies. Yaani Mail Corporate cloudy(cloud) service is paid. There are monthly charged cloud space packages of 1, 2, 10, 50 and 100 GB.

Apart from the cloud area, Yaani Mail corporate service packages;

  • Mobile and webcan be used in,
  • Compatible with all e-mail services,
  • On-site installation support,
  • archiving,
  • Open source compatibility,
  • Includes admin panel support.

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