X’s Rival Bluesky Continues Its Rise: Reached 2 Million Users!

Blueskyis a rapidly rising star in the social media world. This platform, which is known as the old version of Twitter and has a decentralized structure, attracted attention by reaching 2 million users in a short time. So, what lies behind the success of the Bluesky platform? Here are the details…

The Rise of the Bluesky Platform

Bluesky is an innovative social media platform that stands out with its decentralized structure. The fact that it increased the number of users from 1 million to 2 million in just two months is an indication of how fast the platform is growing. Behind this rapid growth lies a dynamic structure that responds to the needs of users.

The fact that the Bluesky platform has a technically decentralized structure offers users more trust and freedom. However, they currently still have a system where registration is only possible by invitation. This ensures that the platform offers a private and secure environment. Additionally, the upcoming public web interface looks set to further improve the user experience.

Bluesky Among the Rivals

Despite the success of the Bluesky platform, other social media platforms do not lag behind in the competition. For example, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the number of monthly active users of Instagram Threads is just under 100 million and that this platform aims to reach 1 billion users in the coming years. This competition shows how dynamic and competitive the social media industry is.

The biggest challenge for the Bluesky platform is to go beyond the current invitation system and reach a wider audience. If this is achieved and the platform is opened to a wider audience, the Bluesky platform is likely to become an even bigger player in the social media space.

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