Xbox Mobile Store is Coming: Date Given!

For those who follow Microsoft’s giant steps in the gaming industry Xbox Mobile Store‘s arrival was not a big surprise. An official date has been announced for this giant step, which has been rumored for a long time and gamers have been eagerly awaiting.

Xbox Mobile Store: New Competitor in Mobile

Xbox Mobile Store is part of Microsoft’s strategy to further expand its presence in the gaming market. In March, Xbox head Phil Spencer stated their desire to be active on both desktop and mobile. However, for this big move, it was necessary to wait for the completion of the huge $68.7 billion deal with Activision-Blizzard.

The Verge writer Tom Warren gave important information about the Xbox Mobile Store in the latest episode of the Iron Lords Podcast. He pointed out how valuable the mobile market is with the new agreement. He also said that the Xbox Mobile Store is targeted for next year. However, it is still a matter of curiosity which games the store will support or what innovations it will offer.

Referring to games such as Resident Evil Village offered by Apple on the iPhone 15 Pro, Warren said, “The mobile gaming market can become more attractive and host not only cloud games but also local games.” he stated.

Activision Blizzard has popular games such as Diablo Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile and Candy Crush Saga. Considering the presence of Xbox Cloud Gaming, it seems that Microsoft is preparing to enter the mobile gaming market strongly. But we have to wait until 2023 for all the details of this exciting development.

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