Windows 11 Wallpapers Will Receive Artificial Intelligence!

Windows 11 wallpaper has been developed to allow for personalization. Users can update the background image thanks to the wallpaper. Microsoft has recently focused on artificial intelligence solutions in many areas. It looks like this will include wallpapers.

Windows 11 wallpapers will benefit from the power of artificial intelligence

Before moving on to the new update of Windows 11, it is necessary to share some information. Shortly before this, a Microsoft official made a statement. It was stated that the Windows operating system should have stronger artificial intelligence features. It was said that research and development studies were implemented for this. Some innovations have already begun to appear.

Some details have emerged in the beta version of Windows 11. According to this Windows 11 Build 25309gets a new artificial intelligence feature. Wall paper integrated for system artificial intelligence The feature is expected to arrive. The most important evidence of this is some codes that appeared in the beta version.

People are wondering what this feature will be like. So the question is how to relate wallpaper and artificial intelligence. Microsoft will also offer new features along with innovation. One of these is artificial intelligence-supported effects for the desktop background. Among these effects depth, parallax and WallpaperMotion It is located.

For example, parallax moves the wallpaper according to the movement of the mouse. This provides a more realistic feeling. The depth effect makes the image look more beautiful. In other words, it adds depth to the visual. For this, artificial intelligence needs to be added. These features cannot yet be enabled in the Windows 11 operating system. It was discovered only among the codes.

Windows 11 wallpapers The requirements of the features added for are currently unknown. We cannot provide information about whether an artificial intelligence-supported processor is required for these features. If there is software artificial intelligence support, there is no need for an extra feature for the processor. In addition, Windows can add this setting by taking advantage of the features of the hardware. This means that artificial intelligence-supported wallpapers become available on supported devices.

When we make a current evaluation, the existence of the parallax effect is seen. This effect is currently available on the lock screen. To use this feature, accelerometer support is required.

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