Windows 11 Updates Speed ​​Up: Microsoft Tests New Feature

Users will not have to wait for the patch to be released every month on Tuesday, and updates can be received much earlier. Microsoft plans to offer faster updates for Windows 11’s new features and bug fixes. In this way, this process, where users previously had to wait for certain days, will be significantly accelerated thanks to the new feature.

New Option Discovered in Windows 11 Canary Build 25314

The new option that will provide this revolutionary speed increase appeared in the Windows 11 25314 Canary build. To access this option, users must both sign up for the Windows Insider program and join the Canary channel.

Incremental Updates and Insider Membership

Microsoft is gradually rolling out major updates for the Windows operating system. Therefore, many users who are not Insiders are forced to wait for updates with new features and improvements. However, this situation is expected to change with Windows 11.

Expected Acceleration in Windows 11 Updates

Thanks to the new feature, Windows 11 users will be able to improve the performance and security of their computers by receiving faster updates. This will contribute to Microsoft becoming more competitive in the operating system space and improving user experience.

The acceleration in Windows 11 updates seems to meet users’ expectations and provide them with a better experience. While Microsoft continues to test this new feature, users should also prepare for a Windows 11 period in which they can benefit from these innovations.

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