Windows 11 Stands Out With Its Function That Makes iPhone Users Happy

The feature of Windows 11 that will delight iPhone users has been officially announced. The update code KB5023706 enables iPhone and Windows 11 computers to connect via iMessage.

Windows 11 and iPhone Collaboration: iMessage Access

Microsoft meets the expectations of iPhone users with the update code KB5023706 published for the Windows 11 operating system. Thanks to this update, iPhone owners will be able to connect with their Windows 11 computers via iMessage. This function will allow users to seamlessly switch from their iPhone to their computer.

Phone Link: The Meeting Point of Windows and iPhones

The Phone Link application is a tool that allows Windows 11 and iPhone devices to connect via iMessage. In this way, users will be able to message, make calls and see notifications from their phones on the computer screen with iMessage on Windows 11.

This connection, provided using Bluetooth technology, works smoothly on Bluetooth-supported computers with Windows 11 operating system. The Phone Link app offers a user-friendly and simple interface.

Limitations of Using iMessage on Windows 11

There are also some restrictions on using iMessage in Windows 11. First, users who want to use the Phone Connection feature after installing the update must run the application and select iPhone on the device identification screen. Then, they must complete device pairing by following the app’s instructions. If the application is not available on the computer, it can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

What’s New in KB5023706 Update?

The KB5023706 update not only provides iMessage access, but also offers significant optimizations and improvements to the operating system. This update improves “Quick Help” options through work to resolve known issues and new help options such as energy efficiency recommendations.

Improvements have also been made to Windows 11’s accessibility options. The icons in the lower right corner now have a rounded appearance, not angular. This contributes to the operating system gaining a user-friendly and modern appearance.

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