WhatsApp New Desktop Application: Speed, Security and Advanced Features

WhatsApp, Meta’s popular messaging application, is constantly gaining new features and aims to provide the best experience to its users. In this context, the platform, which focuses on cross-device messaging and calling experience, has finally announced its desktop application developed for Windows. In this way, users will have a faster and safer experience.

Less Resource Usage and Innovative Features

New features such as faster device connection, advanced synchronization, connection previews and stickers are being added to WhatsApp’s desktop application. Thanks to these improvements, the platform aims to take the user experience to even higher levels.

Group Video Calls and Voice Calls

WhatsApp will support group video calls for up to 8 people and voice calls for up to 32 people in the new desktop application offered for Windows users. These features, which are secured with end-to-end encryption, are planned to be further developed in the future.

Electron Software Framework Abandoned

The new version moves away from the Electron software framework, providing lower resource usage and stability improvements. Thus, the application will be much faster and more reliable, since it is now native, that is, designed specifically for Windows. The new WhatsApp desktop app is now available on the Windows Store. Users can benefit from the latest features and improvements by downloading the app from here.

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