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WebP, It is a file format created by Google to make images published online less bulky. Since the size of images in the WebP format is significantly reduced, websites load faster. Google’s main goal with the WebP format is to provide users with a better experience.

The lossy compression method used in the WebP file format is based on the VP8 video format. The lossless compression algorithm was designed by Google. By using the WebP file format, Google wants to enable web developers to have richer images with smaller file sizes.

What is WebP and when was it created?

Creation date of the WebP format 2010 It extends to . The original idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis file format On2 Technologies It belongs to a company named. Google attempts to acquire this company 2009 It started in and the acquisition process was 2010 It was concluded in . After the acquisition, Google set out to develop all the patents the company held.

A year after Google created the WebP format, it animation And transparency added support. Over time, the WebP file format has evolved primarily chrome It has evolved into an image format supported by modern web browsers. Google recommended the WebP file format to website administrators to improve the user experience on their sites.

The main reason why Google created the WebP file format is to speed up loading times on the internet. From standard file formats such as WebP, JPEG or PNG at much smaller file sizes But higher quality It allows various types of images to be included on websites, provided that:

When creating WebP files, one of the lossless compression and lossy compression methods can be preferred. In this way, images can be saved without losing data. Additionally, it has become possible to compress some unimportant information without saving it. According to Google’s claim, WebP images are better than PNG images. 26% less size may have.

What are the advantages of the WebP file format?

The WebP file format was developed to offer quality and practicality together in terms of images on websites. Performs data compression on WebP images without reducing quality. Smaller image sizes improve the navigation experience of users trying to access the website by reducing the connection requirement.

  • Faster loading web pages provide better user experience.
  • Faster loading of pages improves the search engine performance of the website.
  • Due to slow loading, users are less likely to navigate to different websites.
  • It can be viewed in most modern browsers, including Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.
  • Since the file size is small, the required storage space requirement is reduced.

Although the WebP file format has advantages, it also has disadvantages. It is inconvenient to use an image in WebP format offline. Even though they are created with a very low amount of compression, they are not ideal for professional photographers or those who want high-quality images.

How to open a WebP file?

The WebP file is supported by many different default applications and web browsers. In general, images of this file type are displayed healthier and faster in web browsers. To edit WebP files on Windows operating system paint program is used.

Like JPG and PNG file formats, the WebP file format can be converted to another file type. You can use the Paint program in the Windows operating system for this. program Save as By taking advantage of the feature, the image is saved in file types such as JPG or PNG.

An alternative way to convert a WebP file is to use websites that allow online image conversion. Designed to convert various file formats to different formats CloudConvert And conversion Websites such as can convert WebP files to PNG, JPG or other file formats.

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