We are finally getting the expected Selfie Feature with iPhone 14

Ming-Chi KouIn a statement made on Twitter, two important improvements are noticed in the front camera of the upcoming iPhone 14 model. KouAccording to , one of these improvements is autofocus and the other is a camera with a larger aperture.

Kuo says that it will drop from f/2.2 to f/1.9 and that this transition will slightly increase the aperture. diaphragm more wide This will create a more beautiful image as it will let in more light. According to Kou, the new camera automatic Its focus is better when taking selfies and video calls. net will allow images.

Unexpected move from Apple

It is a bit surprising that Apple, which likes to develop the technologies it uses in its phones and takes innovative approaches, uses traditional autofocus technology for the iPhone 14 model. However, we are sure that Apple will offer this technology by making it most suitable for phones with its own resources.

Thanks to the wide aperture range and autofocus in the new iPhone front camera, we can see some improvement in selfies and live broadcasts. But still the iPhone has portrait It is obvious that the autofocus created by blurring the background in mode will do a better job than traditional focusing.

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