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vBulletin (Short name: vB), PHP Developed on the basis of programming language, mysql It is a licensed internet forum software code package that uses a database server. It is a software package consisting of code groups developed for use in the infrastructure of internet forums and offered for a fee.

vBulletin is sold by MH Sub I, LLC dba, a company based in California (USA), one of the divisions of Internet Brands.

It is the most popular forum on the Internet and the leading forum software package for community publishing. It is frequently preferred in internet forums with its coding stability, update/version support and advanced features. Known for being fast in forum publishing, vBulletin has platform and software security, practical and functional management features. vBulletin is currently used by over 40,000 online communities on the internet. It offers rich official theme and plugin support.

The vBulletin forum script has mobile support and easily provides mobile compatibility to internet forums. It is one of the internet forum software packages with Turkish language support. Version updates to alternatives on the market (WordPress, MyBB, joomla, XenForo And phpBB etc.) and provides rapid integration capability to the variables of the internet. All versions of the paid forum software package have express support.

History of vBulletin

The first version of vBulletin, coded by John Percival and James Limm, was released to the user in 2000 under the name “vBulletin 1” through Jellsoft Enterprises. Jellsoft Enterprises company continued to develop and offer new versions of vBulletin until 2007. During this period, it released its second version called “vBulletin 2” in 2001 and “vBulletin 3” in 2004.

In 2007, vBulletin was acquired by Internet Brands. After the sale, the new version was released at the end of 2009 under the name “vBulletin 4”. With the new version released, the software package StyleVars system was also included. With the StyleVars system, the possibility of drawing via vBulletin Template (Turkish: Template) code has been introduced.

In 2010, Inter Brands had to struggle with scandals. In July 2010, the BBC published an allegation that there was a security vulnerability in vBulletin. Allegedly, username and user password information could be accessed from the database in vBulletin software. Following the allegations, Internet Brands announced that it filed a lawsuit against 3 of its former employees in October 2010.

Internet Brands filed an additional U.S. lawsuit for breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, and copyright infringement. The lawsuits coincided with the first launch of XenForo, one of vBulletin’s strong competitors. Internet Brands, XenForo Although he announced that he was withdrawing from the lawsuits he filed against him and his 3 former employees in May 2011, the claims were rejected by the court only in 2013.

Internet Brands released the latest version of vBulletin, vBulletin 5, in 2012. vBulletin continues to provide update support for version 5.6.x.

vBulletin license

License sales are made for the paid internet forum software package vBulletin. A perpetual license can be purchased from the vBulletin official website through MH Sub I, LLC dba. There are also upgrade license sales for those using previous vBulletin versions.

vBulletin Cloud

vBulletin Cloud (Original name: vBulletin Cloud) is an internet forum hosting service. Cloudy When using the service, hosting (hosting) there is no need to purchase the service. The entire infrastructure of the internet forum hosted in the cloud system is ready. Administrator control functions are user-owned and customizable.

Fast and easy installation is provided with vBulletin Cloud. It has all the functions of the standard vBulletin software package. It saves the user on hosting, hardware and personnel costs. vBulletin cloud service offers bronze, silver, gold and enterprise plans. Monthly and annual options are offered for each plan. Version updates are made automatically on forum sites created using the vBulletin cloud service.

vBulletin version history

  • 1.1.x (Update Ended), Last Updated to 1.1.6
  • 2.0.x (Update Ended), Last Updated 2.0.3
  • 2.2.x (Update Ended), Last Updated 2.2.9
  • 2.3.x (Update Ended), Last Updated 2.3.11
  • 3.0.x (Update Ended), Last Updated 3.0.17
  • 3.5.x (Update Ended), Last Updated to 3.5.8
  • 3.6.x (Update Ended), Last Updated 3.6.12
  • 3.7.x (Update Ended), Last Updated to 3.7.7
  • 3.8.x (Update Ended), Last Updated 3.8.11
  • 4.0.x (Update Ended), Last Updated to 4.0.8
  • 4.1.x (Update Ended), Last Updated 4.1.12
  • 4.2.x (Update Ended), Last Updated to 4.2.5
  • 5.0.x (Update Ended), Last Updated to 5.0.5
  • 5.1.x (Update Ended), Last Updated 5.1.10
  • 5.2.x (Update Ended), Last Updated to 5.2.6
  • 5.3.x (Update Ended), Last Updated to 5.3.4
  • 5.4.x (Update Ended), Last Updated to 5.4.5
  • 5.5.x (Update Ended), Last Updated to 5.5.6
  • 5.6.x (Update In Progress), Current Latest Version 5.6.4

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