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TweetDeckis a web application that allows you to manage your multiple Twitter accounts. You can choose the information to be displayed when checking multiple accounts at the same time. Since TweetDeck is customizable, it is generally preferred by users who want to control multiple accounts.

TweetDeck is available to anyone for free. Useful if you want to follow the latest trends more effectively. It is ideal for planning social media content and staying in constant interaction with followers. It makes tracking hashtags for every user as easy as possible.

What does TweetDeck do?

TweetDeck is a popular web application that can be used both individually and corporately. In its early days, it supported platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. However, it now only supports Twitter accounts. According to Twitter, TweetDeck acts as a personal browser.

TweetDeck is browser-based. You do not need to install or download anything to use it. It has been made easier for you to manage your Twitter accounts more easily. The most important feature is to check accounts without having to constantly switch between accounts.

You can follow all tweets and messages from different accounts from the same place. You have the opportunity to choose which account is the default account. You can see all accounts when you want to tweet. You have the chance to tweet from more than one account at the same time.

  • Special keys: If you use TweetDeck, you have the chance to benefit from various shortcut keys, unlike a regular Twitter account. This way, you can perform transactions more easily.
  • Special filters: There are various options that allow you to block unwanted developments in the columns. Ideal if you don’t want to keep up to date with a hashtag.
  • Planning: You have the chance to devote a single column entirely to planning. You can track all scheduled shipments in one place. Normally this is very time consuming.
  • Multiple accounts: Thanks to TweetDeck, you can control multiple Twitter accounts at the same time. Even if you connect easily in standard use, you have no control.

How to use TweetDeck?

TweetDeck comes with customizable columns. You can create columns for the feed part of your account, your notifications, messages, lists, and more. You have the chance to remove columns you don’t want. This makes checking your account as easy as possible.

  • Send a tweet: To send a Tweet, you must click on the compose icon at the top left and select the Tweet option. When sending a tweet, you can choose which account to send from, make a plan or add an image.
  • Add column: Tap the + icon on the left to add columns or edit existing ones. Here you can see multiple column options. After clicking, the column you want will be added to the main screen. You can edit by dragging and dropping.
  • Add account: To add an account, you must click on the user icon at the bottom left and log in to Link another account you own. You will be asked for the information of the account you want to connect.

What are TweetDeck columns?

There are different types of columns that can be added to the TweetDeck dashboard. All of them can help you with many different issues. If you use more than one account with TweetDeck, you can edit and add columns in the control panel for different accounts.

  • List: You can create different lists for the accounts you want to follow. You can bring together accounts of your competitors or accounts that inspire you on various topics. It is ideal for instantly tracking the posts of anyone you follow.
  • Collection: You can create collections containing a few tweets selected by you that you want to share with others. What you save is entirely up to you. You can use the collections for personal or entertainment purposes.
  • Trending: You can follow the trends linked to your account here. You can get a more detailed view when you click on one of the listed hashtag options. You have the chance to return quickly later.
  • Likes: Unlike the Notifications column, it only shows likes. If you are wondering which of the posts you make with your account are liked the most, it will be enough to check this area. This way you can interact more with your followers.
  • Messages: The messages are in two different columns. If you wish, you can use the column for the account you choose or choose the other column where you can track the inboxes of all accounts in one place. It makes it very easy to control multiple accounts.
  • Mentions: If someone has mentioned you in their tweet, you can follow the notifications here. Its difference from the Notifications section is that it only covers mentions and makes interaction as easy as possible.
  • Followers: Quite simply, it’s about the people who follow you. When someone starts following you, you can directly see this information. If interaction with your followers is a priority for you, you can easily do this.
  • Scheduled: If you use the planning feature when sharing tweets, you can follow everything more clearly from here. It’s pretty easy to make changes to scheduled posts. It is a very useful column when you use more than one account.
  • Activity: This column shows you the interactions of the accounts you follow. You can easily get information here when someone you follow likes something and follows someone. It is very useful when planning to increase the number of followers on accounts.

TweetDeck offers you different columns. When you use these, you make account control easier. They come in handy when checking multiple accounts simultaneously. TweetDeck will help you if you want to use Twitter in a much more professional way.

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