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Turkcell BiP

Turkcell BiP

Turkcell BiP (Full name:Turkcell BiP Messenger) is a completely local and free instant messaging service developed for use on mobile devices. BiP applications Google PlayStore, AppStore And Huawei AppGallery It can be downloaded for free from virtual stores.

With BiP, the user can send written and voice messages, videos and photos to other users. The BiP application can be used free of charge by verifying the mobile phone number after downloading it from the virtual store.

Turkcell Even though it was developed by BiP, it is not necessary to be a Turkcell operator subscriber to use the BiP application. It can also be verified and used with other GSM operator numbers such as Vodafone and Türk Telekom. BiP service can be used with mobile data connections or Wi-Fi connections of all other GSM operators.

Special stickers designed by the famous cartoonist Yiğit Özgür for the Turkcell BiP application have been included in the application.

Turkcell BiP history

BiP Communication Technologies and Digital Services Inc. Developed by. The company established for the service is a Turkcell subsidiary, and it was offered to the user in November 2013. The main difference of the BiP application from other instant messaging applications is that it is developed 100% by Turkish engineers.

BiP features

BiP is an application where users can perform instant messaging between each other. Text, video, photo, file and voice recording can be sent within the framework of instant messaging. To use BiP, the device must have a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

With the BiP group feature, there is support for creating messaging groups with 1000 users. The “Read” feature for messages sent in messaging groups is automatically turned off over 400 users.

BiP call

Voice calls can be made with others with the BiP calling feature. BiP users can make voice and video calls between them in HD quality. BiP voice and video chat feature can be carried out between two users or in a conference (maximum of 15 users).

BiP users who are Turkcell subscribers can make calls over the “network” using the call feature, regardless of whether the other person uses the BiP application.

BiP disappearing message

Disappearing messages, messages sent by users, are deleted after a period of time (specified by the user). In order for sent messages to be deleted, a “disappearance period” must be determined during sending. To send a disappearing message;

  • From the “…” icon on the individual chat page
  • In group chats, the time period for which messages will disappear is determined by using the “clock” icon.

BiP status

status feature WhatsApp Status and Instagram, Facebook It is similar in story feature. Users can share their videos or photos using BiP status. BiP Status posts will remain on the air for 1 day (24 hours) (from the moment they are shared).

In order for the Status share to be viewed by other users or for the Status shares of other users to be viewed, both parties must have their mobile phone numbers registered in their contacts.

Discover BiP

BiP discover feature is where services from all areas are offered to users. The Explore screen contains many services such as magazine, weather, sports, finance and discount coupons. Explore has both free and paid services.

Users who want to open their own service on BiP Explore must submit an application that includes the channel structure (quality) and name. Applications are sent via email to discover@bip.com. Applications are examined comprehensively by the BiP support team.

BiP surprise point

BiP’s surprise point service is one of the services in the Discover section. There are “surprise points” placed by the algorithm in different places on a global scale. Users can participate in the game using the service and win various gifts by going to the surprise point closest to them. Each user can win 3 gifts per day and 10 gifts per month.

BiP channels

Every user can gain followers with the Channels feature in the BiP application. Shares are made in every field with the channel opened with the Turkcell BiP channels feature. Shares can be in the form of messages, videos, photos, audio recordings, stickers, locations and documents.

To create a new BiP channel;

  • Click on the “+” icon at the top right in the Messages section,
  • Click on the “Create a new channel” option,
  • The “Channel Name” must be determined and the channel must be selected as “Public” or “Private”.

The “Search” feature in the “Messages” section can be used to access available channels.

BiP web

It enables the BiP application developed for mobile devices to be used on the web. The web version of the BiP application can be accessed by entering the address “web.bip.com” in the search section of web browsers.

BiP web version is available as a desktop application.Windows” or “Match” can also be used on computers. The desktop application can be downloaded for free from the BiP Web official site.

What are BiP fees?

Although BiP is a free application, it requires an internet connection and charges apply for some of its features. Internet/voice charges do not apply for use via wireless internet connection.

Features of the BiP application that use internet connection (instant messaging, voice and video calling, etc.) are deducted from the internet package (if any) when performed with a mobile data connection. If there is no internet package, it will be charged according to the mobile internet tariff of the GSM operator used.

For BiP GSM calls, the fee is deducted from the voice package (if any) on the user’s line. If there is no voice package, it will be charged according to the tariff of the GSM operator used.

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