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The largest earthquake ever occurred on Mars! It took exactly 94 minutes!

Research has been carried out on Mars, referred to as the red planet, for a very long time, and many investigations for Mars earthquakes have been continuing since 2019. In the earthquake report recorded in the seismograph data sent by the InSight spacecraft, the largest earthquake ever known on Mars was recorded.

Respectively S0976a And S1000a Earthquakes defined as earthquakes will occur on August 25, 2021. 4.2 While it was recorded in size, not long after, exactly 24 days later 4.1 Another earthquake occurred with a magnitude of. These recorded earthquakes were known as the largest earthquakes on Mars so far. However The last earthquake was 5 times bigger was strongly reported.

The region where the earthquake occurred proved its severity!

The region where earthquakes were recorded is actually known as a different point. earthquakes ‘shadow zone’ Based on InSight’s location, it shows that it took place on the other half of the planet. The fact that the earthquakes were reported from a very distant region revealed how severe the earthquakes were.

The S1000a earthquake was interpreted very differently from previous earthquakes. InSight Looking at the data sent lasted for 94 minutes It is understood. While it was stated that the earthquake was recorded in an area close to the surface, its exact location could not be determined. S0976a The earthquake occurred in a region where many earthquakes had occurred before. Valles Marineris It was stated that it was seen in the canyon.

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