The best mobile processors have been announced: Here are the top 10!

Intense competition in the smartphone world continues. In recent years, development processes for smartphone processors have become more meticulous.

In the past months Xiaomi And Motorola Among the brands Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Winner of the race to be the first company to use the model processor Moto Edge X30 It became Motorola with its model.

mobile processor in the market, Huawei’s Kirin It can be said that there are three giants with the emergence of chips. Apple Bionic, Samsung Exynos, Qualcomm Snapdragon and MediaTek Dimensity chips are the most used mobile processors worldwide. In terms of performance, Apple chips are much ahead of other chips.

present day best mobile processors who perform tests under certain standards in order to create a list Geekwanannounced the test results…

What is the best mobile CPU? It’s clear!

Recently by Geekwan, a chip evaluation company. Android And iOS The performance of processors, which are considered flagships for mobile operating systems, was tested.

Top 10 mobile processors according to Geekwan

  1. M1 (iPad): 295.4% – Apple
  2. A12Z: 198.5% – Apple
  3. A15 (iPhone 13 Pro Max): 193.7% – Apple
  4. A12X: 190.1% – Apple
  5. A15 (iPhone 13): 176.0 – Apple
  6. A14 (iPad): 168.4% – Apple
  7. Dimensity 9000: 167.9% – MediaTek
  8. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1: 153.6% – Qualcomm
  9. A14: 148.5% – Apple
  10. A13: 129.0% – Apple

Geekwan’s top 10 mobile processors Looking at the list, it can be seen that Apple chips released three years ago are in the top 10 list. This shows the efficiency of Apple chips.

Is Snapdragon’s reign coming to an end?

When it comes to Android operating system, Qualcomm Snapdragon comes to mind as the flagship. However, it seems that Snapdragon’s dominance in this market is slowly disappearing.

It appears that the Dimensity 9000 chip developed by MediaTek surpasses the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip and also surpasses Apple’s A14 and A13 chips.

There are statistics showing that interest in Snapdragon chips has decreased since the last year. A processor chip must cope with temperature as well as performance. However, it seems that Qualcomm has not been able to achieve this balance in the last two generations of Snapdragon.

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