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Tesla kept its promise: It released several new features along with the Turkish language update!

Tesla, which recently wanted to enter the Turkish market, continues its investments in Turkey. Due to the great interest, the company made a promise about Turkish language support, which became a popular demand in line with this interest.

keeping his word Tesla, Turkish language announced with a statement that it has released its support for Turkey users with today’s update. Designed to receive updates over the internet, electric vehicles have many improvements and new features along with the language update.

Tesla released the Turkish language update!

Turkish language support, which has been tested by some users for a long time, has been offered to all users with today’s update. The good news is a Tesla employee by Emir Tunçyürek, twitter over “Turkish language support for all Tesla models (MCU2+) has been sent over the internet along with additional features.” announced as.

It came with some features along with Turkish language support. Also Tesla Some customizations have been provided for the bottom bar. This feature was previously removed with the V.11 update. With the new update in the bottom bar defrost And wiper like seat heating operation controls can be added.

To add or change features such as defrosting and seat heating with the new update in the bottom bar, click on the application. You need to hold it pressed for a while. You can then add and remove the desired application.

So, what do you think about this issue? Did you like the new update? You can share your opinions in the comments section.

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