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Telegramwhich are popular messaging applications WhatsApp And Facebook Messenger It is an online messaging application that works like. Telegram, which can be used to send messages while connected to WiFi or mobile data, is completely free.

Telegram is widely preferred because it supports large group chat features along with some advanced privacy and encryption features. Additionally, it has no ties to other social media platforms (both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are owned by Meta, for example), making the service more secure.

APPLICATION; It is multiplatform, with versions available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. Telegram Web The platform can also be accessed through the website named.

What is Telegram Web?

Telegram Webis the browser-based version of the messaging service that offers a similar set of functionalities to the mobile version. Any message sent via Telegram Web can also be accessed from the service’s mobile app.

With the help of Telegram Web, messages and media files can be sent and received from your laptop or desktop computer.

Pros of Telegram

Telegram, a reliable platform for group or one-on-one chat, can meet expectations. The biggest pros of using Telegram is as follows:

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a highly secure system that prevents third parties from exfiltrating data while transferring from one device or end system to another. It is a method of communication.

Self-destructing messages

Secret messages can be configured to self-destruct after a certain period of time, making messages sent or received even more secure.

Send large files

Telegram, Up to 2 GB files Supports sharing. For example Skype 300 MB and WhatsApp It only allows file shares of 16 MB.

Cons of Telegram

Although Telegram is user-friendly when it comes to messaging, it has some disadvantages compared to rival platforms. At work Cons of Telegram:

Limited number of users

Although Telegram has several hundred million active monthly users, it is still significantly smaller than the more than 1 billion active user base on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. This means that there is still a high probability that many people do not use this application.

Conspiracy theorists, scammers and hate speech

Many conspiracy theories from around the world can easily circulate on Telegram. Additionally, accounts and groups that try to defraud users can also threaten users who are not good with technology.
But the company says it is stepping up efforts to disable accounts run by hate groups and extremists.

How to use Telegram?

Telegram, like other messaging applications, is available from app stores. free It can be downloaded as . It can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS and iPadOS and from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Once the app is installed, the welcome screen will ask you to add your phone number, followed by your name and a profile picture.

Can Telegram be used in the browser? (Telegram Web)

The web browser must be on or updated to the latest version before proceeding with the steps below:

  1. First, from the web browser on your laptop or desktop computer. Telegram Web site is visited. This instant messaging service recommends using browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  2. The phone number is written on the Telegram login page and the “Next” button or the Enter key is pressed.
  3. A confirmation window will appear on the screen asking to check whether the correct phone number has been entered. If the number is correct, the service will send a code to the phone number.
  4. After entering the code, the Telegram Web account can be logged in. Additionally, those who do not want to deal with a written code can log in with the help of a QR code.

Is Telegram reliable?

The most important feature of Telegram Web end-to-end encryption is to present. But for end-to-end encryption Telegram Secret Chat feature must be used. These secret chats offer significantly more security.

Are Telegram conversations listened to?

Telegram is an instant messaging application developed to protect your personal data. Recently, this application feature has increased even more. Although the application claims to be safe, there are different opinions about whether Telegram conversations are listened to.
In summary, it is not possible to give a clear answer as to whether telegram conversations are listened to or not. However, it is strongly recommended that you exercise caution to ensure the privacy and security of all chats between you and your friends using Telegram.

Who owns Telegram software?

Telegram is an encrypted messaging and sharing application founded by Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov in 2013. Pavel Durov is best known in Russia as a computer scientist who founded the social media giant VKontakte. Telegram’s goal is to allow people to easily provide secure messaging.

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