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Strong Password

Strong Password

strong passwordIt is a type of password created to prevent the passwords used in digital systems from being solved by trying, guessing or using programs. Banking applications, social media sites and digital systems used in all areas of life are more complex and difficult to solve to prevent unauthorized access by users; strong passwords asks to be entered.

A strong password used to protect the confidentiality of accounts usually consists of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. For example; Since a password such as 1234 consists only of numbers, it can be solved by trying different combinations and is not a strong password. Likewise, a password such as abcx is not a strong password because it consists of only letters and can be solved by trial and error.

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Why is strong password important?

The main reason why a strong password is important is that it ensures the security of your accounts against digital attacks. The easy password you create for an account means that others can access your account. If a user named Ahmet sets his membership password as ahmet35, it is unsafe for the privacy of his account. People who want to take over this account can easily gain access by trial and error or by using decryption combination tools.

How to create a strong password?

To create a strong password, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks should not be used together in the password. The criteria for creating a strong password are:

  • It should not contain only numbers or only letters. The 1936 combination or the xvbn combination can be solved easily.
  • It should not consist of consecutive numbers or letters. The password must not contain consecutive letters or numbers, such as 1234 or abcd.
  • Only lowercase or only uppercase letters should not be used. The use of ahmet or AHMET in the password content is not suitable for a secure password. Instead, AhMeT is a stronger password choice.
  • Punctuation marks should be included. Punctuation marks such as periods, commas, exclamation points, underscores and dashes can be included in the password to be created.
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks must be used together. 1587AhmeT39! A password combination like this can be given as an example.
  • It should not contain known information about you, such as date of birth, name, phone number.
  • It must consist of 8 or more characters. As the number of characters increases, the possibility of decoding becomes more difficult.

Strong password examples

You can create a password that is difficult to crack for yourself by examining strong password examples.

6 character password examples

6-character passwords are generally insufficient in terms of security. However, the system you are using may allow a maximum of 6 characters. For these systems, you can create passwords that include letters, numbers and punctuation marks. For example; K2hXy! or 9KgS-R one each 6 character password exampleis.

8 character password examples

A strong password must contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks. With this usage, you can create a strong password. For example; K2hXy!8B or 9KgS-R65 one each 8 character password exampleis.

10 character password examples

To create a strong 10-character password, you need to use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation marks, as in other strong password examples. For example; K2hXy!8B79 or 9KgS-R65Mk one by one 10 character password exampleis.

Using a strong password generator

You can create passwords that meet the criteria you want by using the tools available on the internet. https://analiz.irmde.net/rastgele-sifre-olusturucu Once you enter the address, select uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, and specify the password length, a random password will be generated for you.

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