Special Consumption Tax regulation covering mobile phones was published in the Official Gazette! Tax deduction is coming to smartphones!

The rise in exchange rates and taxation in access to technology cause serious problems in Turkey. Due to the increase in exchange rates, SCT base rates were reduced from 3 levels to 2 levels.

In Turkey, there are three different SCT applications for smartphones: 25%, 40% and 50%. Despite the exchange rate increase, 640 TL SCT base was applied for smartphones in the 25% bracket, which is the lowest SCT rate. The long-awaited regulation regarding this tax base, which has lost its effect, was published in the Official Gazette today.

SCT bases were rearranged

The decision regarding the SCT base regulation published in the Official Gazette No. 31814 will have a positive impact on the smartphone market. With the new regulation, the SCT base, which was 640 TL in the first stage, was increased to 1,500 TL. In the second stage, the SCT base, which was between 640 TL and 1,500 TL, started to be applied to be between 1,500 TL and 3,000 TL. In addition, in the highest level, where 1,500 TL Special Consumption Tax base is applied, it was increased from 1,500 TL to 3,000 TL.

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