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Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking

social bookmarkingShared content can also be shared on social media. Social bookmarking, which provides high click returns in many places where it is applied, allows the content to reach more people if applied correctly. Social bookmarking, which also causes websites to rise in search engines and increase their index values, has been used in the internet world for many years as a backlink acquisition strategy.

Social bookmarking sites, which started operating in 1996, exploded in 2003 with the web platform called Delicious. Opening the doors of a new era in this field, Delicious introduces the concepts of social bookmarking and tagging to the web design world. The basis of “hashtags”, meaning keywords, which we frequently see today on major social media such as Instagram and Twitter, dates back to these times.

Among SEO studies, off-site SEO is social bookmarkingIt is of great importance for all web pages that want to show themselves by obtaining index and backlinks.

Why is Social Bookmarking necessary?

Today, as the business world moves online, quality websites and high click volumes are of great importance to be successful. Therefore, companies and users can easily see and save inspiring content that may be useful to them with the hashtags they follow on social media. On the other hand, those who have a website can add the buttons of these social media to their sites. social bookmarking It applies the technique and enables its visitors to share its content on social media.

Social bookmarking is basically sharing activities on social media that help your site get more clicks. As your site is shared on different platforms, you can make your voice heard to larger audiences, and since the sites you share on are very strong and well-established social channels, your site ranks at the top of the search engine result pages, and to put it in a more technical way, it increases the index speed.

To briefly touch upon the concepts of Index and backlink, two concepts that you frequently encounter in this article, the concept of Index is that a search engine scans the sites, collects the pages within them in an index and shows them to the person doing the search by sorting them according to certain criteria. Indexing speed may vary depending on the structure of a site and other sites that the search engine will capture. Social bookmarking is also among the main factors that enable your site to get Indexed faster.

Sharing your site on social networks means that your site is in contact with large audiences and gets more backlinks. The concept of backlink technically means that your site has a link on another site. When the user clicks on that link on the site that has a backlink, he is directed to your site. In this context, when a user shares content from your site on their social media account, they provide a backlink to your site. Social bookmarking technique is very suitable for implementing a backlink strategy and ultimately rising in search results.

At the same time, you can carry out your advertising activities cost-free, thanks to various partners active in social media such as influencers. Thus, your reputation will increase as your site receives more visitors.

How to do Social Bookmarking?

social bookmarking Since it is an extremely important issue, it will seriously affect your site success. First of all, your content must be shareable on social media. In addition, it is extremely important that your content is original and up-to-date in terms of influencing your user base. Your site’s categories, page layout and products are actually among the factors that most affect visitors to your site.

Today, many people follow content or “hashtags” that interest them on social media and catch up with the most up-to-date posts on this subject. When content is shared using the hashtag you follow, it goes directly to your feed. This “hashtag” concept works just like a keyword, so let’s keep it aside for now.

To explain how social bookmarking works with an example, when you like the articles and content shared on various blogs, you will look for a share button below or above the article. When you share the content on many channels, especially Facebook and Twitter, with this share button, and when you use the keywords appropriately, many different users who are interested in the subject will come across this content.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the most used networks today. social bookmarking It is one of the platforms. There are many influencers in channels like this. Due to their high number of followers, these influencer profiles can bring a large number of visitors to your site when they share the link of a product from your site with the right keywords and descriptions on their pages.

an effective social bookmarking All you need to do is to get a membership on various social media platforms. When you make your page a member of the most clicked social media accounts, the buttons that enable those shares will start to appear in a corner of the content. Now, if any user who comes to your site likes your content, they click on these buttons and share the content on your site using a “hashtag”, which will reach you to the people on their page, and you will appear in the feed of everyone who follows the same “hashtag” on that platform. Thus, while gaining new visitors to your site, you will also gain more backlinks and Index due to new shares. As a result, your site will take another step towards rapid growth.

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