Screen Features of Samsung Galaxy S24 Leaked: Here are the Details!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Leaks about the highly anticipated screen features of the series have begun to arrive. These leaks indicate that all models of the series will have similar standards in terms of screen quality. Korean technology giant Samsung plans to use the latest display technologies not only for the Galaxy 24 Ultra in the upper segment, but also for the Galaxy 24 and Galaxy 24+.

According to the shares of a user known for his leaks about Samsung on Twitter, the entire S24 series will have LTPO M13 screen technology and an impressive 2500 nits peak brightness value. Previously, such superior display features were generally only available on Ultra models. This means that all models of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series will have a variable refresh rate. The feature that will create a clear distinction between these screens will be their resolution.

How Will Users React?

Samsung’s decision to use the most advanced display technologies in these flagship models seems to attract great attention from users. This can be considered as a step to increase the value Samsung offers to consumers. Such innovations are among the strategic moves that can help the brand get ahead of the competition.

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