Samsung Intensifies the Race: A Rollable and Transparent Phone Design is Coming!

Recently, we have come across foldable phone designs. Samsung‘Fame; similar to can be rolled (rolled) We know that he also deals with phone designs. But in the latest patent application, the rollable phone design transparent Samsung, which also includes a section; It seems like it will raise the bar quite high.

What Will Samsung’s New Phone Look Like?

of Samsung, To the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) According to the patent drawing he sent; It is expected that we will see a design with a transparent screen that preserves the functionality of the screen.

There are two different designs in the drawings sent by Samsung. In one of these designs, the rollable panel is expanded laterally, while in the other, the panel is opened vertically. However, both designs include a transparent screen design. It is also rumored that the opacity level of this transparent part can be adjusted.

What are the Pros of This Design?

Samsung’s rollable and transparent phone design, augmented reality (AR) can take your experience to a very advanced level. Additionally, thanks to the expandable transparent screen, you can navigate the phone while seeing the background at the same time. In this way; While you can see the objects in the background of an augmented reality application more realistically, you will also be able to navigate comfortably on the phone.

As with many patents received before, it is not certain that this design will be implemented. It seems unlikely that we will see a rollable phone design with a transparent screen, at least from Samsung in the near future. So what do you think about Samsung’s rollable and transparent phone design? Leave your valuable opinions in the comments section or R10 Forum You can specify via .

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