Revolutionary Camera Zoom Feature Coming from Samsung: Here’s the Zoom Anyplace Feature!

Samsung introduced the Exynos 2400, its highly anticipated new flagship Exynos chip, at the System LSI developer conference. The Galaxy S24 series is expected to feature this chip. However, this is not the only thing announced at the conference; Samsung Zoom Anyplace A new feature called Camera Technology was also introduced, which will revolutionize camera technology.

Zoom Anyplace: The Innovative Zoom Experience

Based on Samsung’s 200 MP image sensor Zoom Anyplace The technology promises that mobile users can take clear shots of moving objects by zooming in up to 4 times. This technology aims to offer users a unique zoom experience without any image loss. Samsung’s claims on this subject make users look forward to this feature.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence-based tracking technology featured in the Zoom Anyplace feature, objects can be automatically tracked and captured. This way, no moment or detail is overlooked. Although there is currently no clear information about how the technology will work, if it fulfills its promises, the camera of the Galaxy S24 Ultra may be much superior to previous models.

Samsung’s new chip Exynos 2400 offers a unique performance increase in artificial intelligence. Allegedly, this performance increase is 14.7 times. In terms of processor performance, Exynos 2400 promises a 70 percent higher performance, according to Samsung’s statements.

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