What is it?



Python It is an object-oriented, interpretive, modular and interactive high-level language. It is a general-purpose programming language that mainly supports object-oriented programming and functional programming to a certain extent.

Programming languages It is the connection between human logic and machine logic. The closer a language is to machine logic, the faster it can run on the machine. However, approaching machine logic requires moving away from human logic, and this makes learning the language more difficult. The more a programming language moves away from machine logic and gets closer to human logic, the more it is called high level, so Python is a high level language. It is easier to learn than many programming languages.

Python history and versions

Its development began in Amsterdam in 1990 by Guido van Rossum. Contrary to popular belief, it took its name not from the python snake, but from the show performed by the comedy group Monthy Python, which Rossum loved very much.

It continues to be developed since 1990. The first version of Python, version 1.0, was published in 1994. Following this, the Python 2 series was published in 2000. Thanks to the hardware and software development, Python has gained a wide usage area. Python 3 series was published in 2008. However, since it is not fully compatible with the previous version, the codes written in the previous version must be changed in order to be used in the 3 series.

Development support for the Python 2 series ended on January 1, 2020. Python 3 series and later versions continue to be developed.

What can be done with Python?

Python is one of the programming languages ​​with a wide range of usage areas. Although its usage areas are mostly the same as those of other programming languages, there are also places where it stands out even more. These places are script creation and automation software. But they are not limited to these, they are also widely used in higher levels such as facial recognition systems and artificial intelligence. It is used in many areas and can be prepared in personalized programs.

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