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PhpBBis an “open source” forum software developed on the basis of PHP programming. PhpBB, PHP Bulletin Board (PHP Bulletin Board) is the abbreviation of the concept. It is one of the popular script forum software on the web and is open source. PhpBB is completely free.

Open source phpBB has a simple and functional forum model. It was developed to simplify creating forum space on the web. It is widely preferred for creating forums because it has a practical administration panel and installation interface.

PhpBB has support for multiple database engines. Among these database engines mysql, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server takes place.

James Atkinson, PhpBB developer and project manager in 2007, announced that he left all his duties in the phpBB organization, in which he had been involved since 2000, due to personal requirements. After his resignation, a new era began in phpBB management. Now the developer team leader takes responsibility for the entire management of the project.

PhpBB history

The foundations of the PhpBB open source scripting forum package were laid in June 2000. The developer of the forum package is James Atkinson(Finn). After its development, it was first used for testing purposes.DevShed” was posted on the forum. It gained popularity with successful results in tests and CVS(Concurrent Releases System) platform sourceforgeIt started to be published in .

After its release on Sourceforge, new names were added to the developer team. After a short development phase, phpBB version 1.0 (Beta) was released in November 2000. This version was later developed by David Norman on the development team. PHP-Nuke Content management system is included.

In 2002, phpBB version 2.0 was released. In 2006, phpBB version 3.0 was released.

PhpBB versions

There are 3 published versions of the open source scripting forum software package phpBB. Each version has its own additional updates. phpBB versions were released as “phpBB 1.0.x”, “phpBB 2.0.x” and “phpBB 3.0.x”.

PhpBB 1.0 version (beta)

phpBB version 1.0.0 was released in beta and became available in December 2000. The first version of PhpBB;

  • phpBB 1.2
  • phpBB 1.3
  • Updates are available as phpBB 1.4.

Updates for phpBB version 1.0 were released as far back as 2001, leading to phpBB 1.4.4. This update was the last update released to the first version and support for the version ended.

PhpBB 2.0 version

As of the beginning of 2001, work began on the second version of phpBB, “phpBB 2.0”. At the end of the 14-month period, the second version was put into use in April 2002.

The second version for the script forum package was revolutionary. The software package developed for PhpBB 2.0 laid the groundwork for its successor. Safety and function requirements led to changes. The code of PhpBB version 2.0 has been prepared to run on PHP 4 as well as PHP 3. Support for PhpBB2 has been terminated, citing coding compatibility problems. The last update package for PhpBB version 2, “phpBB 2.0.23”, was released in February 2008.

As of 2009, official support was discontinued. However, PhpBB2 is still used by many forums on the web. It is still actively used due to the simple usability of the management interface and the opportunity to move more freely in MOD and coding. Since many MODs running on phpBB 2 were incompatible with phpBB 3, the transition to the current version could not be made.

The theme used in PHPBB 2.0 version is “SubSilverThe default theme is set to “”.

PhpBB 3.0 version

PhpBB version 3.0 is the last released version of the software. The development of the code software of PhpBB version 3.0 started in 2003. In the first period of the study, phpBB 2.2 was targeted. In this way, the harmonious development of the 2nd version would be ensured. However, since the structure created in phpBB version 2.0 caused lack of compatibility, it was released as a completely new version.

There are 5 beta versions released for phpBB3.0, which was developed with the aim of revolutionary innovations and compatibility with the new Web. The development team released the first beta in June 2006. Until this date the official site (php.com) was using phpBB 2. After the first Beta release, phpBB3 started to be used on the official site.

Following the beta versions, the official release of phpBB 3.0 took place in December 2007. Code security of PhpBB 3.0 was done externally by “SektionEins”.

New style “ProSilver” design appeared in this version. With PhpBB 3.0 version;

  • CMS software integration,
  • XHTML compatibility,
  • UTF-8 support,
  • Search engine spider management,
  • Captcha module,
  • Oracle, Firebird and SQLite data management support,
  • Update and converter wizard,
  • Customization support for themes and templates has arrived.

PhpBB 3 version, the revolutionary innovations brought by the phpBB 3.1 (Olympos) update, are at a level that can even be considered as a new version “4.0”. PhpBB 3.2 (Arsia) and phpBB 3.3 (Rhea) have gained a more modern forum structure.

PhpBB 2 gained the feature of supporting up to “PHP 7” version with the Arsia update.

With the phpBB 3.3.3 update in 2021, PHP version support was increased to PHP 8, while MySQL 8 support was also added.

PhpBB MODs (plugins)

PhpBB MODs are not codes written by the developer team. Code changes made to remove limits on PhpBB forum functions and personalize the appearance are called MODs. It is completely different from the term “mod” used in English forums to describe an administrator. Due to the difference in meaning, it is written using capital letters.

MODs are developed by the phpBB community. It is possible for every user to develop MODs. However, developed MODs must be verified by the “phpBB Extensions Team”. After development, MODs are submitted via “Extension Development Tutorials (phpBB Customizations Database)” for verification and approval.

There is no support for downloads from sites other than the official site. MODs are no longer accepted as of PHPBB 3.1. Because with this version, phpBB extensions replaced it.


Designed and released by the PhpBB Extensions Team. PhpBB MODs are used to define the steps required for development. XML based format is used.

MODs developed by users must comply with MODx policies and modules. MODx files in web browsers XSLT It is opened via the file. The latest released version was MODx 1.2.6.


AutoMOD (Turkish, Automatic MOD) is a tool that automatically parses and installs phpBB 3 MODs. It is a tool developed by PhpBB Extensions Team. phpBB of MODs downloaded with AutoMOD source directory It allows editing by loading and parsing. All the changes FTP combines via . It also performs automatic backup of file changes in compressed format.

There is another tool called EasyMOD developed by the team for use in PhpBB 2. PhpBB2 was discontinued upon the end of official support.


UMIL is the abbreviation of “The Unified MOD Installation Library”. It is a tool developed for users to easily install and uninstall MODs in the database. Automatic UMI creates the file. Like phpBB itself, it is GPL(General Public License) software.

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