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Perseverance Rover Found Its Own Parachute on Mars

for more than a year Jezeto crater on Mars The Perseverance rover uses its drill to drill into the interesting rock formations it finds and collects Martian soil samples to be sent to Earth. Continuing his research Perseverance roverwas proceeding to investigate a river delta that was thought to have brought water to this crater billions of years ago.

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The Perseverance rover has traveled most of its path autonomous As such, it provides it on its own. While Perseverance was proceeding with its research, it discovered that no rover had ever found before, slowing down its descent during the descent to Mars and then separating from the main body. found his parachute. While examining photographs taken by Perseverance on April 6, the remains of the parachute were noticed by a NASA engineer. It has been confirmed by NASA that what was seen was indeed the parachute of the Perseverance rover. This image in question was published by NASA.

on Mars progress distance record The Perseverance rover, which has broken ground, continues its journey towards the delta. your thoughts comments from or ForumYou can share it with us at.

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