Opera Crypto Browser Available to iOS Users

While Web3 is gaining momentum day by day, companies continue to develop products suitable for this internet environment. Opera continues to prove that it is one of these companies. Previously offered on various platforms Opera Crypto Browser brought its browser to the iOS platform.

This browser from Opera will be the first and most comprehensive crypto browser on the iOS platform. The browser, which the company previously offered to Windows, Mac and Android platforms, will now be available on the iOS platform. Thus, Opera will improve the Web3 user experience.

Opera’s Web3 compatible browser

Opera Crypto Browser A dedicated device with a built-in crypto wallet Web3 browser. It includes features for both crypto experts and beginners. It focuses on providing a user experience compatible with decentralized applications, games and metaverse platforms.

Opera’s goal is to capture the interest in Web3. Opera Crypto Browser aims to provide mainstream users with a surprisingly good Web3 experience. In doing so, it is prioritized to reach its full potential and become a mass-adopted browser.

The most important feature of Opera Crypto Browser is called Crypto Corner. Users can access the latest news, data, current crypto prices and more through Crypto Corner. This ensures that users can stay up to date in the crypto world.

Cryptocurrency wallet support is offered

Web3 maintains its existence thanks to the blockchain. Opera Crypto Browser supports various blockchain ecosystems. Among these ecosystems Ethereum, Polygon and Celo It is located. To maximize support, there is a built-in feature within the browser. cryptocurrency wallet is available.

The built-in wallet in the browser makes it easy to buy crypto with fiat money. It also allows you to send, receive and exchange tokens. It provides access to various exchanges, Web3-based NFT solutions and thousands of Polygon-based applications.

If you use a different wallet, you don’t have to worry about this. Opera allows you to integrate your wallet, which is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, into the built-in wallet in Opera Crypto Browser. Thus, you can check your assets via the browser.

Opera wants to make a name for itself with its user experience

Opera wants to offer a fluent user experience and facilitate Web3 access with its specially developed browser. Opera, which is aware that the size of the Web3 market is increasing day by day, will strive to be one of the players that has a say in this market.

Opera, polygon He states that it will make transactions on the blockchain cheaper by collaborating with . This could also mean lower energy consumption. Polygon’s per year 0.00070 TWh of electricity Considering the consumption, we can accept this as correct.

Opera Crypto Browser was previously available on Mac, Windows and Android platforms. Now it will take its place on the iOS platform and try to offer a better Web3 experience to iOS users. You should remember that the application is available worldwide.

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