OnePlus Announced the April 28 Event Where It Will Introduce Its New Products!

One of China’s leading smartphone brands OnePlusat the beginning of 2022 OnePlus 10 Pro announced a new smartphone model called . However, OnePlus does not seem to close 2022 with a single phone model. According to the post made on the OnePlus India Twitter page, a new event will be held on April 28 and OnePlus’ new products will be included in this event.

No statement has been made yet regarding the details of the products that will be introduced at the event. However, according to the visual in the Twitter post, it is possible to say that two new smartphones and wireless earbuds will be introduced. Of course, it is possible that we are completely wrong about this; the photo may be a design made just for sharing. We will wait and see the answer to the question.

OnePlus Nord N20 Specifications

On the other hand, the first official image of the long-awaited phone OnePlus Nord N20, which was announced in November 2021, has been published. Although it is not yet clear, within N20 SuperVOOC It is said to have fast charging feature, Snapdragon 695 processor and 48 megapixel camera. The OnLeaks page shared the design of the N20, which is preparing to be released as an upper model of the Nord N10 and attracts attention with its SuperVOOC feature, with this image.

Finally, it is also rumored that OnePlus is trying to produce its own foldable phone models. If we look at the image in the Twitter post, it is possible to say that it is not possible to see this in the near future. Many questions will be answered with the details to be published in the coming weeks.

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