Official Statement: New Memberships for ChatGPT Plus Have Been Stopped!

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAIstated that the increase in usage following the DevDay developers conference strained ChatGPT’s capacities. This brought about a significant change in the ChatGPT Plus subscription system.

OpenAI has decided to temporarily suspend new ChatGPT Plus subscriptions to protect the experience of existing subscribers. This decision is seen as a strategic step to ensure that users can receive quality service.

ChatGPT Plus and Access Restrictions

The discontinuation of new subscriptions for ChatGPT Plus also affects access to the new GPT-4 Turbo and custom GPT creation features offered by the subscription service. This limits users’ opportunity to experience ChatGPT’s newest features. There will be no change for existing subscribers and they will continue their services. OpenAI offers users the opportunity to receive information from within the application about when subscriptions will be reopened.

At the developer conference organized by OpenAI, users were given the opportunity to create their own custom GPTs and publish them on the GPT Store. In this process, a platform with more than 5,000 GPTs available without any coding knowledge was presented. This stands out as an innovative and accessible feature that OpenAI offers to its users.

Besides ChatGPT and GPT-4 Turbo, OpenAI has been quietly working on the development of GPT-5. According to Altman, the training process for GPT-5 will require a significant increase in data volume. This data will be provided by a combination of public data sets obtained over the internet and companies’ private data sets. While GPT-5 is expected to be more sophisticated than previous versions, it is also stated that OpenAI plans to receive additional financial support from its main investor Microsoft to realize its Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) vision.

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