What is it?

NFC (Near-field communication)

NFC (Near-field communication)

NFC (in English: Near Field Communication) One wireless communication technology. As its name suggests, it allows two-way, wireless and close-range communication between two devices that comply with NFC standards. Turkish equivalent of NFC Near Field Communication It has been translated as .

NFC technology It does not incur any fees when providing wireless communication between two standard-compliant devices.

NFC devices can function as electronic cards or IDs. NFC is also used for contactless payment systems. NFC also enables small size data (of files) It can also be used for transfer.

How to turn on NFC feature on phones?

NFC feature It is available on mobile devices with Android or iOS operating systems. It is possible that this technology will be available in a new model mobile device. Not every mobile device supports NFC technology.

NFC for Android devices To check whether the feature exists and activate it;

  1. Go to Settings,
  2. in the search section at the top. “NFC” is written and the results are checked.

If the relevant NFC setting is not found by searching “Connection Settings” part should be checked. The NFC feature of the device can be activated by turning the relevant setting to on.

NFC feature on iOS devices most of the time It turns on and off automatically. For example, when trying to make a contactless payment with an iPhone device, NFC is activated and automatically turns off after the transaction.

Available on iOS devices “Apple Wallet” well “Apple Wallet” By adding compatible credit and debit cards to the applications, contactless payments can be made from the mobile device with the NFC feature.

NFC vs Bluetooth

NFC and bluetoothare two communication technologies available on mobile devices, smartwatches or tablets.

  • NFC vs Bluetooth more slowly performs a data transfer.
  • It does not require the two devices to be pre-paired like Bluetooth.
  • Maximum data transfer rate of NFC 424 kbit/s while Bluetooth 2.1Mbit/s It is processed with speed.
  • NFC’s short maximum working distance ensures safe use in crowded areas.
  • NFC, RFID (13.56MHz ISO/IEC 18000-3) It is compatible with its infrastructure. This protocol is similar to the low power technology of Bluetooth V4.0 technology. low power consumption does.

What are NFC supported devices?

In 2011, more than 40 devices with Android operating system were released with NFC feature. Additionally, BlackBerry introduced the NFC feature with BlackBerry Tag on devices running OS 7.0 and above.

As of 2014, almost all mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems have NFC support.

NFC history

NFC technology was introduced in partnership with Sony and Philips brands at the end of 2002. Identification by Radio Frequency (RFID) It was developed using and accepted as a standard by ISO/IEC in late 2003.

In 2004 by Nokia, Philips and Sony NFC Forum It was published for the development and dissemination of NFC technology.
After the launch of NFC devices in 2011, MasterCard added more NFC support to its technologies for users using these devices. In this way, the number of users paying with NFC has increased significantly. Following this development, in partnership with VISA and Samsung “payWave” The application named was introduced for the Galaxy S4 device.

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