New Update Arrived for Windows Photos Application: Here’s What’s New!

Designed for Microsoft’s Windows operating system Photos apphas received a new update. With version 2023.11110.8002.0, the application offers many new features to its users, such as removing backgrounds.

Background Removal Feature in Photos App

With this new update, the Windows Photos application now offers users the opportunity to remove or change the background of photos.

This feature, which was added to the Microsoft Paint application a few weeks ago, is now available in the Photos application. Users can save the photos they create to the clipboard or convert them to a solid color of their choice.

Storyboard Renewal and Other Improvements

Windows has also redesigned the Filmstrip feature in the Photos app. Thumbnails positioned under each photo can be used to quickly review and compare other images in the same folder. This feature provides users with a more efficient photo management experience.

This update to Windows introduces the timeline slider in all folders, making it easier to find the photos you’re looking for. In addition, new features such as the OneDrive supported sharing option and the 7:5 aspect ratio added to the Resize tool were also included in the application with this update.

This update from Microsoft makes the Windows Photos application more functional and user-friendly. With the renewed features and added functions, users will be able to edit and share their photos more efficiently.

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