What is it?



mynetis the first Turkish internet platform established in Turkey in 1999. Mynet, which has more than 26 million users as of the end of 2019 and has managed to reach 49% of the internet users in Turkey, has become one of the 400 most visited websites in the world.

In which sectors does Mynet serve?

Mynet provides services in the sectors listed below.

  • News
  • finance
  • magazine
  • Sport
  • trend
  • Game
  • Cinema
  • Woman
  • Car
  • Feşmekan
  • Mynet TV

Mynet’s entry into the gaming industry

Mynet’s entry into the gaming industry was with single-player flash games played via an internet browser. Mynet after single player games; It focuses on games that can be played by more than one person, such as okey, backgammon, and pişti.

Mynet founded Bilardo Magic and Bilardo Magic with Semih Saygıner in 2004. Sobee He published the Football Manager games developed by his company.

Mynet took over the distribution of the game called Istanbul Kıyamet Vakti, which is another game belonging to Sobee company. Istanbul Doomsday Time, which was released as a beta in 2006, was released from beta and released as a full version in 2007.

Mynet announced that it is the Turkish distributor of the game Sovereign Senfoni Online, developed by the team called Céidot in 2008.

In 2008, as people started to play games on social media sites, Mynet started to develop games that could be played on Facebook.

Mynet’s activities in the video industry

Mynet, which offers video content to its users in many areas, acquired vidobu.com and nasil.tv in 2013 and incorporated them into Mynet TV in order to increase access in this sector.

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