Milestone in Earthquake Prediction: Earthquakes Detected with 70% Accuracy with Artificial Intelligence!

An innovative study conducted at the University of Texas, USA, The use of artificial intelligence in earthquake prediction It shows how effective it can be. This new artificial intelligence-supported tool detected earthquakes a week in advance during a test in China. 70% It was successful in detecting the rate correctly. This can be considered a milestone in the field of earthquake prediction.

The artificial intelligence system successfully detected a total of 14 earthquakes with a distance of 320 kilometers and the calculated intensity. But it missed an earthquake and gave false alarms eight times. These results are based on artificial intelligence analyzing statistical fluctuations in real-time seismic data and matching them with previous earthquakes.

Predicting Earthquakes with Artificial Intelligence

Professor Sergey Fomel from the University of Texas states that artificial intelligence is the ‘holy grail’ in earthquake prediction. According to Fomel, although it is not currently possible to make precise predictions worldwide, the achievements show that the problems in this field are solvable. Researcher Alexandros Savvaidis emphasizes that understanding that earthquakes are approaching is a matter of milliseconds and that even these predictions are important. AI’s 70% success rate can play a major role in reducing economic and human losses.

International Success and Future Promises

In an international competition held in China, this artificial intelligence-supported work developed by the University of Texas ranked first among 600 models. Researchers believe AI could further increase the success rate in places with seismic monitoring networks, such as California, Italy, Japan, Greece, Turkey and Texas. This shows that artificial intelligence may play an important role in earthquake prediction in the future.

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