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Microsoft is Closing the Xbox 360 Store: Here are the Details!

On July 29, 2024, Microsoft Xbox 360 store and Xbox 360 MarketplaceIt will put into effect the decision to close . Starting from this date, Xbox 360 owners will not be able to purchase new games, DLCs or other content from the store. Additionally, Xbox 360 Marketplace will not be available for avatar and game purchases.

No Change in Digital Games

Even though the store is closed, you can still play your already purchased Xbox 360 digital games. However, to purchase a new game or DLC, you will be redirected to another platform. At the same time, Microsoft will remove the Movies & TV app for Xbox 360.

As stated by Microsoft official Dave McCarthy, TV and movie content will not be able to be watched on Xbox 360 after July 29, 2024. However, from this date on, if you want to access the movies you purchased from the Xbox 360 store, you will need to use a PC with Windows 10 or higher, Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X.

Possibility of Retrospective Compatibility

Despite the closure of the Xbox 360 store, you can still access original Xbox games and DLC with Xbox One, Xbox Series X – S, and backward compatible Xbox 360 via

We should note that the store closure will not affect Xbox network services for Xbox 360 consoles. Users can continue playing online and transfer games to different Xbox 360s or even Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X. Game updates will continue uninterrupted.

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