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Mail.Ruis a company owned by Russia-based Mail.Ru Group. It is an internet portal. As of 2021, Mail.Ru is the most used Internet services portal in Russian-speaking regions.

When Mail.Ru (Group) was founded in Russia in 1998, it only provided e-mail services. Nowadays, it provides many opportunities such as video sharing. Mail.Ru also offers its users different services such as Odnoklassniki, VK and My Games, which are popular in Russian-speaking regions.

What are Mail.Ru services?

  • Games.mail.ru – Online game provider
  • Foto.mail.ru – Image sharing service
  • Video.mail.ru – Video sharing service
  • My.mail.ru – Social networking service
  • Cloud.mail.ru – File storage / sharing service

Mail.Ru history

The company was first founded in 1998 by Eugene Goland, Michael Zaitsev and Alexey Krivenkov.

Mail.Ru, which started to be used as the number one Internet service in Russia in 2000, continued its rapid development by receiving investments from many places.

At that time in 2001 NetBridge‘s director, Yuri Milner, persuaded entrepreneur Igor Linshits to invest in the company Mail.Ru. Igor Linshits made a great contribution to the development of Mail.Ru at that time.

Fast-developing Mail.Ru acquired the My.Com domain name in 2012 in order to open up to the global market and gathered all its services here. At the end of 2012, Mail.Ru Group acquired the Ukrainian email service mail.ua and transferred the registration of mail.ua email addresses to Mail.Ru.

Mail.Ru Group in October 2021 VK It was rebranded under the name and is now Russia’s largest internet service provider.

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