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Laravelis a framework belonging to the PHP programming language. It is frequently used by developers because it is free and open source. Libraries such as form controls, database connection, user input and output, sending e-mails in Laravel provide convenience to the developer and contribute to the completion of a project in the shortest time, and codes can be created in a more orderly manner with the MVC structure.

How to install Laravel?

To download Laravel, you will first need a web server. You can turn your computer into a server environment by installing Xampp. You can access the Xampp installation page here. Then, by installing composer, you can install Laravel via a composer command.

After all the intermediary applications are installed, the command to be given from Windows Powershell to install Laravel is as follows: composer global require “laravel/installer” After this command, it will start creating a Laravel project named “blog” with the “laravel new blog” command.

How does Laravel work?

Laravel works in accordance with the MVC structure. With the Model View Controller structure, the project design layer and back-end codes are separated from each other, enabling more comfortable working.

Laravel features

Object-Relational Mapping

  • Template Rendering Engine
  • Controllers
  • routing
  • Authentication

Laravel history

Laravel, developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011, has become an MVC Based PHP Framework with advancing technologies. Being free and open source has been an effective way to increase the number of developers.

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