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Istanbul Convention

Istanbul Convention

Istanbul ConventionIt is a human rights convention prepared by the Council of Europe that includes articles on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.

Consisting of 12 chapters and 80 items Istanbul Convention It includes various rights not only for victimized women but also for children exposed to sexual abuse and psychological and physical violence.

Istanbul Convention for Türkiye

The agreement that Turkey became the first signatory of with a parliamentary decisionIt was signed in Istanbul on May 11, 2011 and came into force in 2014 and began to be implemented internationally in 45 countries, including European Union countries and other countries.

The international convention, which includes articles to prevent gender discrimination and violence, has been implemented for ten years to protect victims of domestic violence. Many women’s rights defender associations and non-governmental organizations ‘Istanbul Convention Keeps AliveDespite the objection campaign with the slogan ‘, Turkey withdrew from the contract with the official statement made by the Presidential Communications Directorate on March 21, 2021.

Reason for cancellation of the Istanbul Convention It was explained as “manipulation by a group that tries to normalize homosexuality, which is incompatible with Turkey’s social and family values.”

What are the basic principles of the Istanbul Convention?

Articles included in the Istanbul Convention and application methods are shaped within the framework of some basic principles. The principles defended and based on the contract and the purposes of the contract;

  • Preventing domestic violence
  • Protecting women from violence
  • Promoting equality between men and women
  • Pursuing a trial, prosecution and support policy with a holistic approach
  • It is valid in peacetime and in situations of armed conflict.

What is the definition of domestic violence according to the Istanbul Convention?

With the regulation made regarding the implementation of the provisions contained in the articles of the contract, the concept of domestic violence is defined comprehensively. According to this; It is all acts of physical, sexual, psychological and economic violence experienced within the family or between previous spouses and individuals living together, whether or not the person who committed the act shares the same residence with the victim.

What is the definition of violence against women according to the Istanbul Convention?

According to the Istanbul Convention, the definition of violence against women is; It is defined as any act of threat, coercion, restriction of freedom, physical, psychological, sexual and economic violence that constitutes a violation of human rights, whether in public or private life.

What measures and supports are provided for victims of violence in the Istanbul Convention?

According to the contract, first of all, various training and awareness should be conveyed to reduce violence throughout society. Various provisions and measures have been taken to eliminate the grievances of women, children and homosexuals who have been subjected to violence and to prevent this situation from recurring. Some of these measures and supports are as follows:

  • Raising public awareness about domestic violence and sexual abuse through the IT sector and media institutions,
  • Providing legal and psychological support for women and children who are victims or witnesses of violence,
  • Establishing shelters to accommodate victims of violence,
  • Providing employment to ensure health care and economic independence,
  • Having a free support hotline that can be called at any time of the day,
  • Perpetrators of people who are victims of violence have the right to compensation,
  • Forced and underage marriages are deemed invalid,
  • In addition to physical behavior of a sexual nature, various verbal and non-verbal behaviors are also considered sexual harassment,
  • Banning female circumcisions,
  • Preventing forced abortion and sterilization,
  • Ordering the victim, perpetrator or other persons at risk of domestic violence to leave the residence for a certain period of time and not to contact each other,
  • It is the criminalization of physical and psychological pursuit for the purpose of harassment or violence.

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