iOS Application to Ease the Transition from Google to Android

Google collects user data Transfer from iPhone to Android device Developed an application to make it easier. Switch to Android The app bearing the name has been quietly released, but it is not yet listed among iOS applications.

Switch to Android The working principle of the application is slightly different from other data transfer applications. Because the application does not need cables to transfer data between phones. All operations can be easily performed wirelessly.

Switch to Android application will make transitions easier

The operation of the Switch to Android application is quite simple. Your most important data move it quickly and safely to your Android device It helps. Data that can be transferred includes photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events. You cannot transfer anything other than this data.

The app cannot transfer regular messages stored on your phone. Therefore, it gives you various suggestions on how to turn off iMessage. If you use regular messages, you need to pay attention to this and choose a different backup method.

Even if Google makes the Switch to Android application available for download, the application has not yet officially taken its place in the App Store. Google did not provide any information about when the listing would be made. Only app for now via link He stated that it could be downloaded.

It was previously known that the application was developed

Various speculations that emerged last year included hints that Google was developing the Switch to Android application. Google made its move confirming these speculations. It quietly made the Switch to Android app available for download, with the US market being a priority.

Switch to Android application provides every convenience to transfer data smoothly. It explains to the user in an understandable way what he needs to do, what data he can transfer and what he should pay attention to.

Picture of Android where Google has this kind of plan Data Restore Tool It was revealed when the codes in his vehicle were examined. Before long, the company made the application called Switch to Android available for download and offered it to users.

The Switch to Android web page has not been updated yet

Google’s Switch to Android web page has not been updated to show the latest developments. It is stated that there has been no update since the application has not been fully officially published. It should be noted that the application is not yet included in the App Store search results.

When you use the Switch to Android application, you cannot transfer applications and their associated data. The reason for this is that third-party applications have various restrictions on accessing users’ devices.

It is not clear exactly when this new application developed by Google will be available by searching. The web page for the application is expected to be updated after the application is released. However, users can use the application if they wish. direct link They will be able to download it with .

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