Huawei gave the good news: Cheap foldable phones are coming!

Huaweiwill have a surprising move for those who follow technological innovations: Affordable foldable phones! This move could trigger a new wave of competition in this particular segment of the smartphone market.

Huawei’s Foldable Phone Plans

According to information received, Huawei will launch a foldable phone in the first half of next year. But this isn’t just any foldable phone; has a very attractive starting price $735 It is expected to be a phone. This new device is speculated to be an extension of the company’s popular “Pocket” series.

Last year, Huawei introduced its first entry-level foldable phone in the Chinese market and a scaled-down version of its P50 Pocket model. This phone shares a similar design language with its higher-priced sibling, which means it could be offering users a premium experience.

Although foldable phones currently make up only a small part of the smartphone market, this segment has great potential. Industry analysts predict foldable phone shipments to reach 21.4 million by the end of 2023. Compared to the 14.2 million units shipped in 2022, this represents an increase of over 50%. This data shows that foldable phones are becoming increasingly popular and Huawei wants to get ahead of the competition by joining this trend early.

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