Hardware and Software Requirements of Foldable Phones Have Been Announced!

foldable phones It has taken its place as a new trend in the market. However, the durability and quality of these phones are a matter of great debate. We see that leading brands such as Samsung have achieved a certain quality standard in foldable phones. However, as Google emphasizes, not all Android manufacturers have achieved the same quality standards.

All Android-based foldable phones must withstand at least 200,000 folding/unfolding operations. Samsung meets this criterion with its newest phones, Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5. Some manufacturers exceed this number. For example Xiaomi’s new model Mix Fold 3 is resistant to 500,000 folds.

However, the hinge quality of these phones is also important. In order for the hinges not to loosen over time after all these folding and opening operations, the hinge must maintain 80% of its original friction bending moment.

Software Support and Updates

Software support is another critical issue for foldable phones. Manufacturers are expected to deliver at least two major Android releases and three years of security updates. In this regard, Samsung is one of the brands that meets industry standards.

In this period when the foldable phones market is rapidly growing, it is of great importance to meet both hardware and software requirements. In order to provide the best experience for consumers, manufacturers must comply with the established criteria.

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