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hacklinkIt means linking to other sites from the relevant site after the system of a website is infiltrated. A hacker who has managed to infiltrate a site adds links to certain pages of the site without the knowledge of the administrator of that site. Thanks to this added link, it is aimed to increase the SEO value of the site from which the link is issued.

The Hacklink method is a black hat SEO method. Therefore, if the algorithms detect that this method is used, the site from which the link is created may be penalized. There is no standard method followed by the person who wants to implement Hacklink. However, when such link exits are made, various methods can be used to hide the link.

What is Hacklink and how to use it?

Hacklink is used to manipulate search engine results pages. It is added to a website for this purpose. How much is a site? to the valuable link The more it has, the more likely it is that that site will have a high position in the search results. hacklink into site codes is added and make the link code unclear It may be deliberately hidden.

In general, there are different methods preferred to hide a link placed with the hacklink method. The most frequently used of these methods is Add text above the site’s background color that matches the background color It is in the form. Since it is easy to check and detect such links, different methods have been developed over time.

  • Placing the link text behind an image on the web page.
  • Placing the link text outside the screen using various CSS codes.
  • Setting the font size of the link text to 0 so that it is almost invisible.
  • Writing a difficult-to-notice character such as “-” in the middle or at the end of the text and adding a link to it.

All these methods are effective in adding hacklinks. Search engine crawlers notice the link on the site. However, they have difficulty in commenting whether this link was added against the wishes of the site owner. Advanced algorithms do not intervene unless they notice that links are being obtained one after the other in the same structure.

Why use Hacklink?

Hacklink is actually a part of black hat SEO efforts. The goal of black hat SEO studies is to rank high in search engines by using methods based on various manipulations. a site has obtained a hacklink (has added an unauthorized link to another site) It may technically gain value in the eyes of the search engine. However, there is no guarantee that this value will be permanent.

Search engines like Google try to penalize sites that use black hat SEO and try to manipulate search engines. Among these punishments decline in rankings And loss of visitors There are quite negative situations such as: If a link added via the Hacklink method is detected and then removed, it may mean that the site loses value after a while.

What are the types of hacklinks?

Hacklink types, It generally covers the following methods:

  • spam links: This is the uploading of links to websites that may or may not contain harmful or illegal content. These links are often used to influence search engine rankings and are considered spam.
  • Malicious links: These are links to websites that contain malware or other threats. These links are often used to download malware or implement other threats onto users’ computers.
  • Hyperlinks: This is the addition of links from another website to one website. These links are often used to influence search engine rankings and are called hyperlinks.
  • Link exchange: This is the process of adding links to each other by making an agreement between two websites. This process is often used to influence search engine rankings and is called link exchange.

These methods generally constitute hacklink types. However, hacklink methods may constantly change and new types may emerge. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor the types of hacklinks to detect them and take precautions.

How to detect hidden links added as hacklinks?

After a person infiltrates the system of the target website, he can add a link and hide it. In general, it is the most common method used in hacklink techniques. Purpose of the added link Contributing to the values ​​of the target site or reduce the values ​​of the added site it could be. Regardless of the target, links called hacklinks must be cleared from the system.

Various methods can be used to detect such links added to a site. If the person who added the link tried to hide it by making the color of the link the same as the background of the web page, the fastest method that can be used is to display it on the page. selecting all text is to check if there is a hidden link. However, this method is quite old and modern techniques is inadequate against it.

Modern web browsers now have tools to inspect every element of a web page. Every person who is in doubt about Hacklink should use these tools. People with limited technical knowledge are recommended to use these tools. For example Google Chrome of web browser Developer Console can be examined using .

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