Great Features Coming with iPadOS 16!

Parker Ortolani, Apple’s Twitter account iPadOS 16He shared a few ideas on how to improve . Designer, Apple You can run four applications side by side and stated that he would take this multitasking stuff to a new level.

In iPadOS 16, users will be able to move application windows like a deck of cards for easier access. This feature will create a new era in mission control. one touch can be used.

What goes best with this concept are “Popover” apps that can be moved freely without taking up a larger portion of the screen.

To the iPadOS 16 home screen, You have the ability to add your favorite music, podcasts, books, apps, files, and more directly, just like you can on macOS.


Parker says using an iPad with an external display is terrible, they will finally fix this with a new “Studio Mode” he imagines. Thanks to this new feature, users iPadOS 16 When connecting an iPad Air or iPad Pro to an external display or using AirPlay, users will experience a whole new desktop experience.

What do you think iPadOS 16 Will it be nice? How do you find the new features? Don’t forget to mention it in the comments!

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