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Grand Theft Auto 5 Sales Continue to Break Records!

Grand Theft Auto 5is considered one of the most important games of Rockstar Games’ legendary series. As of August, sales of the game reached an all-time high and 185 million It broke a worldwide record for copies.

Secrets Behind the Game

There are several factors behind why GTA 5 has achieved such great success. First of all, it has a moddable structure and multiplayer feature. Grand Theft Auto Onlineincreased the popularity of the game. In addition, the 7 records the game holds show how loved GTA 5 is and how successful it is.

Apart from GTA 5, the general sales figures of the GTA series are also dazzling. Total sales of the series 405 million has surpassed the copy. Rockstar Games managed to maintain its ongoing 5 million sales streak. It is also worth noting that GTA 5 was added to Xbox Game Pass on July 5. But these sales and microtransaction revenues were not included in the quarter report!

Considering all these achievements, it would not be misleading to say that Grand Theft Auto 5 will maintain its popularity for a long time. However, Rockstar Games GTA 6He has already started preparations for . Unfortunately, no information about the release date of the new game has been shared yet.

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