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Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox (English: Sandbox) is a monitoring program that allegedly applies to the Google index for new websites. It is debatable whether the system is effectively implemented by Google. Although it is observed through users’ experiences, its existence has not been acknowledged by Google with an official statement.

Google aimed to increase user experience with the Sandbox project. By filtering, it prevents newly established websites or websites considered in the “garbage sites” category from being included in the search results. Even if the content quality of the new web platform is at a high level, it may be subject to system filtering. Sandbox is considered by Google as a kind of testing process for new web platforms (focused on user experience).

It is a filtering system called Google Sandbox Effect. It is claimed that it was implemented within the framework of the date when the web platform was first added to the Google index and the keyword competitiveness of the website’s main links. In this case, the users’ search frequency for the keyword has a parallel effect when the Sandbox effect comes into play.

Based on the factors of insufficient content, low visitor statistics and lack of quality backlinks, it applies this filtering to the new website.

Sandbox aims to prevent the rise of spam web platforms in the search index. It also ensures that a ban is imposed so that it may try to rejoin in the future.

In order to avoid Sandbox filtering on new websites, target links consisting of narrow and long-tailed phrases instead of links with high search frequency and wide keyword phrase range. SEORecommended by (Search Engine Optimization) experts.

Google Sandbox history

It is known that Sadbox was implemented by Google in March 2004. Since its existence is controversial, this opinion has developed based on the experiences of SEO experts.

How to understand that the site is filtered by Google Sandbox?

Since its existence is controversial (there is no official explanation), different methods are used to understand whether the new website is stuck in Google Sandbox filtering or not. It is common for searches related to the domain name of a website that is stuck in Sanbox filtering. SERP It is located on. However, the keywords that form the main links of the website are not included in the search result lists.

Website found in the filter Googlebot It continues to be scanned by. In other words, even if the website is scanned and classified by Google, it is not included in the search results. The residence time of new websites in Sanbox may reach up to 8 months “based on experience”, although there is no official statement. The website exits Sandbox once it meets sufficient and relevant content conditions.

Reverse Sandbox effect

Reverse Sandbox Effect (Original: Reverse Sandbox Effect) is the effect of web pages with quality content (backlink provided that it is not) is highlighted in the directory with a “temporary” status.

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