Google Pixel 8a Displayed Live for the First Time: Here are the Details!

world giant Google, Pixel 8 series He continues to work intensively for In this series Google Pixel 8aa model eagerly awaited by consumers. With the latest leaked images, the design of Pixel 8a is now more clearly visible. These leaks reveal the blue version of the phone.

This new model, which has a similar back to the Pixel 6 and 7 models, shows its difference especially with the details on the front. The first thing that attracts attention in its design is that the edge frames have softer and rounder lines. This means that Google has given up on the sharp corner design!

Frame Thickness and Performance Claim

Pixel 8a has a significant frame thickness compared to previous models. Although these thick frames affect the overall aesthetics of the phone somewhat, it is a matter of curiosity how users will react to this design change. However, beyond this aesthetic detail, some information about the performance of the phone was also leaked.

Google Pixel 8a will have an overclocked Tensor G3 processor, according to the information seen in Geekbench. This means that although the Pixel 8a is a budget-friendly phone, it will offer similar performance to other high-end models of the series.

When Will Google Pixel Be Introduced?

Google plans to introduce the Pixel 8 series next October. All eyes are on the “Made by Google” event that will take place on October 4. At this event, detailed features and design innovations of Pixel 8a as well as other models will be introduced.

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