Google Photos Updated: New Grouping Features Arrived!

New features of Google Photostakes the digital photography experience even further. Google has added a number of innovations to the Photos application so that users can organize their photos more effectively and access them easily. So, what are these innovations and how do they contribute to the user experience? Here are the details…

Photo Stacks Feature

The first innovation Photo Stacks It is called. This feature automatically groups similar photos together and displays them as a single group. The software determines the best photo in the gallery and assigns this photo as the cover photo of the group. Users can choose another photo as the cover if they wish, or disable this feature completely.

Event Creation Feature

The second new feature of Google Photos is to use the information in the photos in the calendar. create event offers the opportunity. In this way, events or reminders can be created with text obtained from a ticket or advertisement photo. This feature greatly simplifies the organization and planning process.

Document Analysis and Grouping Feature

The latest innovation is to analyze the documents captured in photographs and group them under different categories. In this way, the photos in your gallery are made more organized by dividing them into various categories such as ‘event information’, ‘ID’, ‘receipts’.

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