Google One Subscriptions Increased Highly!

Google Oneis on the agenda with the price increases in cloud storage services. The platform, which has kept its prices constant for a long time, has recently increased its subscription fees following the increases in YouTube Premium and other Google products. This increase marks a significant change for users.

Google One Subscriptions Increased by More than 50 Percent!

With the recently announced new tariff, the monthly fee of the Premium 2TB cloud storage package is 29.99 TL. 49.99 TLIt was upgraded to . This significant increase may change users’ cost calculations at a time when demand for cloud storage services is constantly increasing. 3 months for new subscribers 12.99 TLA promotional offer of . For users who prefer an annual subscription 499 TL A fee like this was determined.

The 15GB free storage space offered by Google One was the reason for preference of many users. However, now the basic package of 100GB per month 9.99 TL200GB standard package is monthly 19.99 TL is charged as. There are 3-month discounted prices for these packages, again targeting new subscribers.

This price increase of Google One coincided with a period when competition in the field of digital storage increased and users needed more storage. Users can evaluate alternative cloud storage options or review their existing packages in the face of increasing prices. This seems likely to shape the future of pricing strategies and user preferences in cloud storage services.

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