Google Is Determined to Become the Default on Samsung Phones: The Server Pays!

GoogleAs one of the most powerful companies in the digital world, it makes major investments to maintain its dominance in the market. One of the most striking of these investments is the billion-dollar payments it made to big brands such as Samsung. According to Bloomberg reports These payments made by Google to SamsungIn a four-year period, a total of for 8 billion dollars reaching. Under this agreement, Google’s products – Google Assistant, Google Play Store and Google Search – are included as default applications on Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

This strategy is an important step taken to increase Google’s effectiveness on devices using the Android operating system. Google also provides financial support to Android device manufacturers to keep their applications on the home screen. This move is seen as a tactic used by Google to limit the penetration of rival services into Android phones.

Samsung’s own products Bixby voice assistant And Galaxy Store Even though it is an app store, these agreements of Google also affect Samsung. Samsung has also established partnerships with other major technology companies such as Meta and Microsoft. However, these partnerships do not limit Google’s activity on the Android platform. For example, Bing search engine is not included as the default search application on Galaxy phones and tablets.

Google’s Strategy in the Technology Market

This strategy of Google has an important place in the technology market. The company’s strengthening of its presence in devices using the Android operating system has important consequences for competition.

This situation, which makes it difficult for rival companies to include their services on these devices, emerges as a factor that changes market dynamics. The effects of this strategy on user experience and competition will become clearer in the long term.

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